Capture great GoPro photos

You’ll find Photo mode near the top of the Settings menu. Activate this and the GoPro will act like a regular camera. You can then choose to leave the GoPro in automatic mode so that it makes all the tricky decisions for you. However, to take more control over your image making simply cycle to the Settings menu, press the shutter button to enter and then press the Mode button for options. This includes megapixels (MP), which will affect how large the photo will be. There are different options depending on your camera; the lower the number,

the more scaled down the image will be. While a lower resolution will take up less space on your memory card, it’s best to shoot in the largest resolution and crop images after. The standard shot on most models has a slight fish-eye effect, which is due to the camera’s ultra-wide, 170-degree angle lens. It crams a lot of background into the frame, which is ideal for action photos but may not be appropriate for a portrait. To change this, select from GoPro’s field of view (FOV) options. Chose from Ultra Wide, Medium and Narrow, with the latter providing a more conventional appearance and Ultra Wide creating a fish-eye effect. It’s also possible to capture both still and moving footage at the same time by selecting Photo + Video mode. This will capture images at set durations while the GoPro Hero is recording. The downside is that pictures are limited to a lower resolution but it’s useful for special one-off occasions. In addition to Settings, always take practical elements into consideration, like the direction of the sun and whether you have enough foreground and background interest to ensure your photos are the best they can be.

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